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Helton Creek Falls

Welcome back readers, hopefully you have been along since our last adventure at Anna Ruby Falls because this new adventure of Helton Creek Falls is just a continuation of that.

After a beautiful hike at Anna Ruby Falls

Anna Ruby Falls

We decided to load up in our vehicle and make the roughly 20 mile drive to Helton Creek Falls. We were not sure what to expect but we were more than willing to add more adventures to the day.

We were pleasantly surprised as we found several great overlooks of the Chattahoochee National Forest to stop at and grab some quick shots of the mountains covered in fog.

Chattahoochee National Forest
Chattahoochee National Forest 2

We had loaded our destination into Google Maps and were following it faithfully. Everyone’s faith can be tested from time to time. The closer that we got to our destination the more that I began to question the validity of the GPS because we found ourselves having to cross the creek to get to the trail head for Helton Creek Falls.

Helton Creek Falls Crossing
Helton Creek Falls Crossing 2

After crossing the creek a couple of times we finally made it to the trailhead for Helton Creek Falls.

Helton Creek Falls Trailhead
Helton Creek Falls Trailhead 2

For our trip it is worth noting that it was a dreary day where it was sprinkling rain. So once we had found the trailhead, we saw the only other hikers on the trail, as they were headed to their car in the parking area.

To begin the decent you start out by heading down some stairs that have been added to the trail.

Stairs at Helton Creek Falls
Stairs at Helton Creek Falls

When we finished with these steps we were immediately greeted with a sign for Venomous Snakes.

venomous snakes at helton creek falls

This did not ease my mind about the journey that we were embarking on but I definitely appreciated the warning.

The short hike ended up only being about a .25 of a mile.

flowing water at helton creek falls

Even though the hike was a short one, it still had a couple of nice photo opportunities.

The main attraction of this adventure is actually two separate waterfalls.

The first one you will have access from the bottom but you can also access it from the top.

The first waterfalls at helton creek falls
The first waterfalls at helton creek falls 2

After spending a few minutes enjoying this waterfall, we continued our trekking in search of the larger waterfall.

Upon reaching the waterfall, it became very apparent to me that we would only have access to the bottom of the waterfall. That was totally alright with me because I really enjoyed the view.

helton creek falls

I managed to get a great shot of the falls. I liked it so much that I posted it on the Adventurous.Jason Instagram page.

All an all this day trip turned out amazing. We were able to get away for the day and to check out Anna Ruby Falls as well as visiting Helton Creek Falls.

Neither hike was very strenuous nor would I say that you need to carry a hiking bag. A single bottle of water will suffice.

Regardless, the waterfall is definitely worth the hike at Helton Creek Falls!

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